[norbu05] kalope vs. droog – petanque / grgamrgatron

This time, from your favourite netlabel, from Belgrade, Serbia, we’ve prepared for you the perfect mixture of your favourite boule-based sporting event and a gentle giant robot story. The first annual 5th release starts off with kalope‘s heartwarming petanque. Watch out that cochonnet, kalope‘s crispy percussions and resonating pads tell a struggling story on a path to petanque stardom. Grgamrgatron is a disturbing, yet fuzzy story by droog, reflecting on a deep emotional connection between a battle robot and a lush cactus. This mesmerising love story is all about delayed and non-moving robotic jungle percussions. Filled with echoing progression, this track bears a mysterious, almost-plucked melody. A first for Norbu, this release also features two bonus not-so-well hidden tracks, remixes by kalope and droog remixing each others respective tracks. Let’s bocce!