[norbu06] kalope – flatfield

This sixth, double-track release on Norbu is marked with a return of kalope, along with his already-trademark sound combining quirky minimal with experimental ambient elements. Flatfield, the ever-evolving title track bounces and clicks, creating itself from found sounds and random claps and crackles. Intersect with subliminal number counting, the track starts off slowly developing itself with improvised percussion and sounds into an soundscape of echoes, ambience and mangled-up samples. Plucked guitar melody resonates with the rest of the tracks, paving way for more pads delayed track development. Lintilla, inspired by a mesmerizing cloning story of the yesteryear, starts off with pitched human noises and crispy percussion which serves as an introduction to melody-going-on-randomness synth line and slight reverberations. Resonating break familiarizes you with a proper ambient treatment before continuing with the rest of the track and descending into epic soundscapes.