[norbu14] kalope – tidebits

After a short break we are back, now also Twitter-powered. This time with a new release from Kalope who continues his series of aquatic-themed releases. As expected we have exceptional deep sounds from one of our favorite two artists. Perfect mixture of great sound sculpting, space manipulations and production techniques of the yesteryear.

Tidebits starts mellow, ambient-like, with a lot of pad movements and complex bassline but soon progresses in a full atmospheric dance mover. Lots of deep emotions in this one, professing his fish-like love for deep sea creatures. Always the one to break the barriers of sound design, Kalope went on to sample the sounds of deep sea fish, immersing himself in the depths of the local pond only to find the deepest of the deep music.

Baskets continues where Tidebits left, focusing more on a fully percussive driven beat, deeply enhanced with sparse vocal chants. With chord progression and reverberating ambiences all the way through the song, Kalope takes us on another highly anticipated deep sea adventure.

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